Dealer EV Service Requirements: Current Standards
Date & Time
Wednesday, August 23, 2023, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Billy Murch Elliot

The range of dealer responses to electrification is incredibly wide, although not incredibly shocking. This is evident at NADA (National Auto Dealer Association), who, at their annual show, had multiple presenters discuss EVs in wildly different ways. These presentations ranged from doom and gloom about EVs, to aggressive forecasts and long lists of complicated requirements. A dealer would find it easy to confirm their prior beliefs about EVs, right or wrong. This makes it quite a challenge for OEMs who want EV customers to receive high-quality service experiences at as many dealers as possible. Many OEMs requested a session on dealer standards. This session will focus on current OEM requirements for dealer EV service, and cover:   

  • Physical requirements, like bay counts, lift type and capacity, charging stations, storage, material handling equipment etc. 

  • Safety and quality requirements, like safety products, technician trainings, etc.  

  • Customer requirements, like certain customer expectations that should be met  

  • Sales requirements, like sales training for vehicle salespeople as well as service advisors  

Session Type
Breakout Session