Defining, Calculating & Projecting EV Customer Service Retention
Date & Time
Wednesday, August 23, 2023, 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM
Chad Walker

Carlisle’s research suggests that “alternative fuel” (EV and hybrid) customers are retained more highly than internal combustion customers. However, at least one OEM’s internal data does not reflect that conclusion at first glance for EV customers. Upon a deeper look, this OEM’s EV customers rarely get service elsewhere – but they often don’t count as retained, simply because they don’t get any service often enough to be retained annually. Why not? No twice-a-year oil changes, to put it simply. This session will:  

  • Quickly benchmark service/maintenance schedules for EVs to establish a baseline  

  • Incorporate some of the data collected as part of the EVAB on retention  

  • Involve a group discussion about the ways OEMs currently calculate retention and how it should be calculated to reflect the vehicle dynamics  

  • Discuss whether it’s possible for OEMs to calculate retention differently for EVs given the limitations of existing data systems and reporting functions  

  • Attempt to project future retention, as customers become more comfortable with non-dealer service offerings  

Session Type
Breakout Session