EV Battery Storage & Transportation
Date & Time
Wednesday, August 23, 2023, 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Eric Francucci

Distribution and handling of EV batteries is the most complex logistical element of supporting the service and uptime of EV vehicles. This is driven by several characteristics:

  • Heavy (can be 1000+ pounds)
  • Hazardous commodity
  • High cost (Several thousands of dollars at standard cost)
  • Slow moving, which makes logistical solutions harder to scale
  • New product with uncertain wear cycle, which makes forecasting demand challenging
  • Unique engineering requirements around temperature control and state of charge monitoring
  • New technology, where regulations are not well defined, non-standardized across local, state, and national level, and relatively in flux

This session will highlight how OEMs are addressing these challenges across their supply chain, including warehousing, distribution, dealer handling aspects, and return logistics. A special focus will be placed on how current distribution strategies were developed, including analysis of regulatory aspects and use of third-party providers. We will discuss current pain points and best practices for navigating them. Finally, we will cover how OEMs expect their distribution networks will need to adapt as the volumes grow and the technology evolves.

Session Type
Breakout Session